Frequently Asked Questions

Can mandated Flood Insurance Premiums be reduced or eliminated?

Yes, it is not only possible, but highly probable that a lower premium may be secured. Most insurance companies compute the rate for flood insurance based on the worst case scenario; that is, the highest possible rate. However, if the house is located above the level at which the government has determined that flooding is probable, a lender may waive the requirement to maintain flood insurance coverage.  In order for this to happen an official map change from FEMA is required by the lender. Insurance companies can also use specific elevation information to compute a lower rate, based on a sliding scale. The specific information necessary for rate determination and FEMA map amendment must be provided by a Professional Surveyor. 

 Elevation Certificate:

An Elevation Certificate is an official form of the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA Form 086-0-33) created to compare a structures elevation data (determined by field measurement) to the Base Flood Elevation data for insurance rating purposes.   An Elevation Certificate is only useful if you are required to/or plan on purchasing flood insurance.  (Cost - $650.00) 


An Online-LOMA is an application process used to submit elevation data to FEMA on a structure or a parcel of land that has not been elevated by the placement of fill and is not expected to be inundated by the 1- percent-annual-chance flood (The Base Flood or BFE). The typical outcome of the LOMA process is a Removal Certification by FEMA.  This application typically takes 30 to 60 days to be processed once submitted to FEMA.  (Cost - $650.00)

An Online-LOMA for a parcel of land requires a complete boundary and topographic survey to be furnished to FEMA as part of the application process (Cost - Varies)


An eLOMA is an expedited option for the LOMA application. The submitting surveyor fills out all the documents and forms that FEMA would normally do as part of the Online-LOMA. This process takes between 7-20 days. (Cost- $850.00)  If the eLOMA takes longer than 20 days, a $200 refund is made.

The eLOMA is only available in areas with FEMA established floodplain BFE (Base Flood Elevations) and may only be submitted for removal of structures.

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